Starting a personal training business

I finished up from school with a degree in exercise science.

I then got hired as a trainer at a local gym. This gym is part of a big time chain, and its enormous with a huge membership… So many people go through the gym each day, it’s impossible to know anyone’s name. I found the whole experience truly upsetting and discouraging. I was given truly little possibility to work a single-on-one with the members. I was continually yelled at to sign up more members. There was a truly high rate of change. I felt that this was because our members were not getting any personal care and not seeing anything new. Many would sign up and then only show up at the gym 1 time before dropping out. After working at the gym for 3 years, I quit to start my own business. I set myself up as a personal trainer and worked out of our Dad’s garage. I had truly little component and only a couple of buyers; but, those buyers were seriously ecstatic with their results and our style of training. I made sure to tailor to their particular needs. Along with exercise, I incorporated nutritional counselling, and held them accountable for meeting talks. These buyers told their kids and families, recommending me, and our personal training business has seen rapid increase. I’ve now moved into a gym downtown and hired a few certified trainers to work with me. I feel truly good about the services I provide. I’m helping people to enjoy a healthier and better way of life.