Offering business classes

I consider my friend Drake to be quite accomplished.

  • He started a successful SEO company 20 years back, and sold it for millions.

Since then, he has been looking at other companies. In the last few years, Drake has helped more than several dozen small companies get going. My friend used some of his money to start a small business development company. The business development center is a spot where young entrepreneurs can go for help with their business needs. It’s usually run from non-profit money, and the main goals are to help younger guys and women with their small contractor ideas and needs. It is like a way better version and nice shark tank. The contractor development center as a lot of great classes, and they even offer free courses on QuickBooks, tax filing, web design, and SEO management. The classes fill up fast too, and there are 20 spots in each of the 2-hour classes. A few weeks back, Drake decided to add a new program to the business development center schedule. He is going to start doing courses about investment strategies. The contractor development center will offer these investment courses several times each week, while in the entire summer season. I am sure they will fill up actually fast. I am so proud of Drake for helping others make their dreams come true. In my mind, that is the best thing you can do for our growing economy. We need more business offices and success happening in our area.

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