Taking care of the problem before winter

The winter before last, our partner plus I were trying to save money to go on a cruise the next summer.

We cut numerous corners that year— no big date mornings, no shopping sprees, zero video games, no crazy purchases; we had actually tighten our belts.

When Autumn came back around, we decided to skip our proper gas furnace servicing to save money; the fall had been extremely warm, plus the Wintertide was projected to be mild as well. The fall season seemed to last quite a long amount of time, the temperature hovered right around 50 degrees even into what was conventionally considered the “Wintertide weeks”. The temperature was undoubtedly mild up until it was no longer. It was in mid-January when the bottom dropped out of the temperature and my heating system was not up to the task of being switched on full blast to keep us warm. In all honesty, our heating system broke down. While we were waiting on repairs– evidently the Heating and Air Conditioning servicemens were actually backed up as many men and women in the area had decided to skip the fall heating system service– we had to stay at a local hotel for 3 straight days. Of course, as supply plus demand would have it, the hotel had many local patrons that Wintertide plus their prices had skyrocketed. By the time it was all said and done, our partner plus I had spent nearly all of our getaway savings on the hotel room and heating system service fees. Lesson learned. Since then, we haven’t gone a single year without having our heating system tested in the fall to make sure it can get us in the winter.

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