Tenants can destroy your property

I have been a landlord for twenty years.

I have a good experience dealing with different types of tenants.

I can confidently say that 90% of them have been respectful and responsible! With that being said, there are consistently those select few that simply don’t care about staying properly and peacefully inside the property. Just a couple of days back, I was forced to evict someone out of the house, as he was living in a very unhygienic condition at my place. He called me before complaining about the AC. When I showed up to see the device myself, he said that he doesn’t know anything about the damage caused to the AC. The damage looked like it was caused by a human. From what I could tell, there was water inside the unit and was dented all over by a heavy object. Though the AC bad shape, the most painful thing to see was the hallways and the living room trashed beyond my imagination. I hope this guy finds a different house soon, as I start to prepare for the eviction notice. And if he keeps up with these habits, he might have to end up living in his car.

HVAC repairman