Thank goodness this heating plus A/C isn’t mine

I miss walking into some central air conditioner that I can trust, for all the things that my good friend and I dealt with over the years, my good friend and I regularly had good quality heating plus air in our home. I would come to the apartment from the commercial heating plus A/C of the office plus be hit by such good heating plus cooling comfort. That was thanks to good residential heating plus A/C. And when my good friend and I decided to sell our home, the heating plus A/C was just ready to be replaced. It was such perfect timing really. But the fact is that I’ve never had to worry about the air conditioner in my apartment until now. My loving husband plus I upgraded the residential heating plus A/C in our apartment to sell it for a sizable pile of money. With the proceeds of that apartment sale, my good friend and I are planning to either buy something smaller around here or just wait until my good friend and I retire. The idea was that my good friend and I would rent for a while until my good friend and I knew just what made the most sense for us to do next. Renting has been a real eye opener for me. I got entirely spoiled being a homeowner for all those years. Renting entirely has not been unquestionably comfortable in any way. There is less privacy, less room plus the heating plus cooling unit are ancient. Every evening when I come to my apartment from work, I just don’t entirely know what I’m walking into. And more often than not, I’m walking into a level of air conditioner that leaves me wanting. Thank goodness that this is just a temporary situation. I guess I’m ready for my own heating plus A/C unit again. So renting until my good friend and I retire just doesn’t make any sense to me at all given the way we’re living now.

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