The air filters get dirty and need to be cleaned weekly

Both of my pets have medium size hair and they said twice while I was in the year.

  • The pets shed when it is the Spring months and then they shed again in the fall.

There is a lot of hair inside of my tiny house, so I have to be particular that the A/C is not affected by the problem, excessive pet hair can cause a number of troubles with the heating and cooling system! Pet hair can block the air filter and cause a problem with air flow to the machine. Pet hair can cause injure to internal machinery and it can cause problems with the electrical work and well as possibly lead to a fire, and dirty air filters should be cleaned at least once each month. I have a small portable A/C unit. It has an air filter on the side and two more larger air filters on the back of the machine. The A/C unit has the capability of being a dehumidifier as well; Because my two pets shed frequently, I constantly need to be on top of the repair on the portable A/C unit. Each a single of the air filters needs to be cleaned weekly. I observed a lot more dirt and pet hair on the filters if I wait 2 weeks and I think that causes some problems when I run the portable A/C unit; When the air filters are dirty, I guess like the device runs for a lot longer and it seems to take longer for the portable A/C to get to the right temperature.

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