What are special events facility solutions?

For our twenty-fourth anniversary, our hubby plus I wanted to have the ceremony reception the two of us never had… Our ceremony was ruined when nature threw a blizzard on us the night before plus the entire area was closed down, and although the two of us were disappointed, the two of us understood, plus ended up having a small beach house party for those guests who had arrived before the ceremony, however for our twenty-fourth anniversary, the two of us were going to program it for when it was still warm; The people I was with and I had a immense backyard that had held over a single hundred people for our family BBQs, however this had to be special… I called a company that said they had special events facility solutions.

They said they could set up a party tent that was for 25, 50, or 150 people.

There would be tables, chairs, plus a portable dance floor setup. Along with the tables, chairs, plus dance floors, they also had portable restrooms, which was something the two of us hadn’t thought of. The people I was with and I had 2 lavatorys in our house, however a single was in our study room. The people I was with and I didn’t want people traipsing in plus out of our beach house all day plus night. The special events facility solutions company asked if the two of us wanted open tents, or closed tents. I didn’t know the two of us were distraught about heating or a/c, despite the fact that I didn’t want it getting wet inside in case it rained. I also didn’t want bugs flying in after dark! Because of special events facility solutions, our twenty-fourth anniversary was a total success plus since had the tent overnight, it became an enormous tent for many of our family to throw their sleeping bags plus spend the night.

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