The air purifier stopped working this morning

I was worried about the health and longevity of the air purifier in the office.

We had the air purifier long before the covid-19 virus hit us hard.

Several employees have allergies and we are right across the street from a paper mill. The sawdust and the air causes a lot of problems like watery and itchy eyes, a sore throat, and sneezing. A couple of employees were complaining about the allergens in the air, so my boss stepped in to save the day. The guy bought an air purifier to set up in the office. He ran the air purifier continuously when we were in the office, but he shut it off at night. When the coronavirus hit us hard, we started using the air purifier everyday. I told my boss that I thought the air purifier was making a strange town last week. He told me that it was normal. When I came to work the next day, the air purifier stopped working. My boss tried everything to get the machine to come back on, but he failed and gave up. The guy called the HVAC company that services our heating and air conditioning unit. They came to look at the air purifier. They gave my boss bad news. The air purifier needed to be replaced. I wasn’t surprised when I heard that news. I suspected the machine was not working right for several months. Even though my boss had to spend $3,500 to replace the machine, he never gave me the satisfaction to say that I was right.


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