The basement smells terrible

My wifey in addition to myself spend a whole lot of time volunteering with the youth Outreach project! Periodically, though, every one of us wants to spend the day tutoring in addition to students. So Periodically every one of us will spend the day on Special Projects. Last weekend, every one of us were cleaning up an old house. The Outreach project  gained the condo as a donation. Every one of us are hoping to use this condo as a shelter for homeless LGBT youth, of which there are many. My wifey in addition to I recognize strongly about the project, in addition to every one of us spent the whole day cleaning the house. The locale needed a lot of tender affectionate care. A couple of other volunteers, our wifey, in addition to myself spent all day cleaning the locale. It’s going to be a nice spot for twenty or more teengaers, in addition to the locale needed to be ready before the autumn. My wifey in addition to I were surprised, when every one of us saw the size of the large basement. It wasn’t completely finished, but it had a lot of potential. The basement had a very terrible musty odor. I didn’t see any mold, but it seemed like the basement was boarded up for so many years. I drove back to the condo in addition to grabbed the portable air cleaner from the garage. I keep a portable air cleaner for times whenever our parents visit. They hate pets in addition to cats, so every one of us provide them the air cleaner for the study room when they visit. I took the air cleaner in addition to jammed it down into the basement. Every one of us left the air cleaner running for five mornings, in addition to I would not know the difference. The air in the basement was wash in addition to fresh, in addition to it now odored like a brand new building. This section of the condo is going to be something truly special.