I rarely get sweet on teenagers, however the boy was adorable

I’m not easily the type of guy that loves teenagers.

Someday I’m sure I will have a couple of teenagers, however right now I don’t have the patience or understanding to be a Mom! My brother has teenagers plus I spend time with our nieces plus nephews, although I still don’t think it is time for myself and others to have any.

Something changed in myself and others on Monday. I was working on a residential cooling system repair. The whole family was beach apartment when I was working on the cooling system, including a couple of teenagers. One of the teenagers was a little boy that was not more than multiple or five years old. He had the biggest brown eyes that I have ever seen plus he had a easily cute smile. The boy was easily inquisitive plus asked a lot of questions about what I was doing. I rarely get sweet on teenagers, however this boy was totally adorable. I wanted to answer every single question that he asked. I explained how the cooling system worked plus I even let the boy hand myself and others some tools. I was at the residence for at least an hour while I maintained the heating plus cooling machine. After I left that task, all I could think about was that cute little child plus how he was so inquisitive about our task. I realized that day that I am more ready to have children than I thought. It would not be an terrible thing to have a little mini myself and others running around the house.

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