The importance of HVAC units and instruments

I am a very dedicated musician.

Though I have much to learn about instruments, I know my guitar very well, and I am finally at the point where I can make a full-time salary off of it. I specialize in teaching younger students how to play guitar, and I am also able to perform repairs to the guitar for those who fail to take care of their instrument properly. One of the biggest troubles that they seem to have is how to properly use their HVAC units with their guitar. HVAC units and the thermostat are especially important when you have to store your guitar for a season. Wooden instruments, like the guitar, are very sensitive to weather conditions. For instances, the amount of humidity will affect the wood of your guitar, though dry weather isn’t great, it is much better than a lot of moisture, which could cause your wood to warp. To prevent this, you should purchase a dehumidifier for your home. The temperature of your guitar is also important. You need to carefully balance how high you use either your furnace or your air conditioner. Ideally, you would have your thermostat set at a moderate 60-70 degrees for the health of your instrument. It is especially important to keep it in your house and not in a storage location. If you decide that you would rather not use HVAC units, then I will just let you keep paying me to repair your instruments! Your HVAC units will damage your instruments time and time again, giving me job security for life.


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