The rattle in the ductwork was getting louder.

I had been hearing a small rattle in the ductwork for almost a month, but now it was getting louder.

I couldn’t imagine what the noise was, but I was hoping it wasn’t something serious.

My husband told me to call the HVAC company, but I kept thinking about the cost of new ductwork, which was what had me worried. He told me to quit thinking so hard, and call the HVAC company. They could probably make repairs without replacing any of the ductwork. I called the HVAC company and told the operator about the strange rattle in my ductwork. I told her it was getting louder, and it only happened when the heat was on. She said it wasn’t something she could diagnose, but she was going to set up an appointment for me. Three days later, there was an HVAC technician in my house. He checked the furnace first, and told me there was nothing wrong. He did hear the rattling sounds when the furnace turned on, and it was definitely coming from the ductwork. I was already aware of that, but I thanked him for the information. He said he wanted to get a team of ductwork cleaners to the house. The ductwork looked dirty, and he was thinking that could be the problem. When the ductwork cleaners arrived, it didn’t take long for them to find the problem. Our cat had been playing with an aluminum ball and it was caught in the ductwork. I made a note to have the ductwork cleaned more often, so this may never happen again.