The repairman was great at his job

I can tell when my air conditioner is lagging or running differently. It usually stays on for long periods of time before shutting off and sometimes there is a weird or strange smell that occurs after the machine starts running. When I notice a problem with the air conditioner, I usually call someone for help. I recently contacted a local air conditioner repair service place that handles lots of different heating and air conditioner repairs and installation jobs. They offer a biannual HVAC tune-up that is very thorough. They test the thermostat, carbon monoxide detector, and the smoke detectors. They check all of the safety features on the heating and air conditioning system. They change the air filter, check the condensate line drain, and clean all of the evaporator coils. The thorough service is less than $100. Last time I had the air conditioner tune-up service performed, the repairman did a great job. He spent a lot of time investigating every nook and cranny of the system. Most guys take about a half an hour to handle the checkup, but this guy spent nearly an hour in my home. He inspected the ductwork. That’s one thing that none of the other inspection specialists have ever done in the past. This guy removed the ductwork covers and used a flashlight to look inside of the ductwork. He also flushed the drain line and used a leaf blower to remove all of the leaves and sticks from the outdoor machine. I definitely felt like I got a much more thorough service from the recent specialist than I have from anyone else in the past.


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