The website had no pizzazz.

My dad was forever bemoaning the fact that his website didn’t get any hits.

I had often offered to help him create a new website, but he always said no.

My uncle had helped him to create this website, and he was going to be the one to help him change it. Unfortunately, my uncle no longer lived in our area. He visited every couple of years, but he didn’t stay at the house long enough to visit, let alone working on a website. Last week, I called the website development company I worked for, and told them I needed to talk to the HVAC web developer. I told him what I wanted to do, and he asked if I would send him the website address. We talked about dad’s website for almost two hours, while he told me the website had no pizzazz. Even though it was a website for HVAC, it still needed to get people’s attention if dad wanted people to look at the website and sign up for newsletters. I told dad I had talked to a colleague who specialized in HVAC web development and told him what Charlie had said. Dad said that the man probably knew nothing about HVAC, but he was wrong. Charlie had been an HVAC technician for almost twenty years before he started working with website development. I gave dad his telephone number and web address and told him to talk to Charlie. Two weeks later, dad was getting more traffic to his website than he had since he created it, two years ago.

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