There is no substitute for consistent, seasonal HVAC maintenance

When the HVAC technician told me that the old HVAC unit was about to wear out, I was actually just a bit excited.

Okay, I was more that just a bit excited, I was thrilled.

The fact is that once the HVAC unit hit the twenty year mark, I started a savings account dedicated solely to replacing the old HVAC unit. But then that old HVAC unit just kept going. And it kept going and going so I kept saving and saving. However, by the time it got to 26 years old, I was actually rooting for it die. I had so much money saved that we were going to have the best of the best when it came to residential HVAC. The old HVAC unit was very short on any sort of HVAC technology. But that thing was steeped in HVAC longevity. The fact of the matter was that while the HVAC unit was of decent quality, it was the HVAC maintenance that was the biggest factor. From the time that we put that old HVAC unit in, we had the HVAC professionals out to do the HVAC maintenance every fall and every spring. I guess I can unequivocally say that HVAC maintenance is worth every penny I spent on it. That old HVAC unit went 27 years. And now that we are putting in the latest in residential HVAC, I may not even get to use it much since we’re considering selling the house. But I will get my money back several fold when it comes to the new HVAC unit. That thing is going to really sell this house for a wad of money.

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