There’s a lot at play

Have you ever noticed, no matter how difficult of a afternoon you have, the pleasure on your cat’s face when you walk through the door is the same; Many afternoons I wish I could harness that enthusiasm and bring it to every aspect of my life… I get up early, start my afternoon with a brief walk with my little pal, and then head off to multiply minutes of pure torture at work. Working as a stockbroker is no easy work and I have grueling minutes of trying to keep my friends cheerful and maintain their portfolios… Let me tell you in today’s volatile market that is no easy work. I head home at the end of the afternoon and multiple times just want to find my head under a pillow and shut out the world, but, that has when my trusted companion meets me at the door with pleasure on his face and tail wagging.  He has been waiting all afternoon for me to come home and is undoubtedly cheerful to head outside for another walk. If course, when you suppose about it, he has been able to lounge around all afternoon, in a climate controlled space, take naps and play with his toys. Maybe he barked at the occasional person walking by, had a few drinks of water or even a snack from his dish, but other than that, he absolutely has an easy life. He never has to worry about deadlines, irate clients, or even whether the temperature outside is too sizzling or too cold. The fully programmable HVAC idea makes sure the that the condo is a constant temperature year round so he is always comfortable. I wish I could experience his life some afternoons, but, that would mean going out in the elements to do my contractor and I wouldn’t prefer that at all.

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