These smells need to go

A little over a year ago, I was studying through a magazine in the doctor’s waiting room and came across an article about indoor air conditions.  The article particularly concentrated on the population of dust mites in every home. It showed a honestly magnified picture of a dust mite. These microscopic pests are hideous and plentiful.  They are found by the millions living in couch cushions, carpets, blankets, mattresses and pillows. They eat dead skin and hair, and are a major cause of pollen irritations and asthma. One lady sheds enough skin in a single day to feed a million dust mites. Even though dust mites don’t bite or sting, I don’t want them thriving in our home.  Their fecal matter and dead corpses are harmful allergens. Unfortunately, dust mites are just about everywhere. Ever since studying the magazine article, I’ve been researching ways to minimize their population in our home. I’ve located protective coverings over mattresses and pillows, and I launder linens in warm water. I’ve purchased a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and installed a dehumidifier.  Dust mites just love hot, moist environments. While the air conditioner works to lower the indoor temperature, it’s no designed to combat excessive humidity. The whole-beach house dehumidifier extracts moisture from the air to maintain usual relative humidity; Because lower moisture levels make the air suppose cooler, I can reduce the setting on the control unit. This not only lessens the strain on the air conditioner, but creates a healthier, cleaner and more comfortable home.  I’m spending way less on biweekly electric bills and enjoying superior indoor air conditions.

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