We did not eve realize that

Once upon a time I worked for a small corporation that oversaw a few odd websites. I never l gained too much about the nuts and bolts of what any of these companies legitimately did, because I never needed to. I was an analyst and I would just learn all the raw data, and turn those numbers in charts and graphs that our bosses could more legitimately grasp. Analytics are a complex and mind-numbing way to make a living, and it takes a particular mindset to be able to do it and not go bonkers. Well that was then, and this is not, when I am using our talent to assist with smart building analytics upgrade and monitoring. This makes our old job seem prefer child’s play, because here I am coordinating analytical readouts from building control systems of all kinds and seeing how they integrate. I was legitimately not here to be part of the initial build or the mission critical system design, but they brought me in soon after. My focus mostly has been with the cooling tower controls and making sure they job correctly with the integrated Heating and Air Conditioning control system that runs the entire building. On its own the temperature control system would be a breeze, but coordinating the data with other aspects of the smart building has absolutely tested our skills. The guy in the next cubicle has been working on the electrical power monitoring system, and I think the two of us may put our heads together on both of our projects. Ultimately the two of us are looking for total and full system integration.

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