This HVAC technology is great

I’ve been accused of being behind the times.

And to be honest, that’s an accurate description so I can’t absolutely take exception with it.

But the fact that I’m behind the times is sort of a bit intentional. When I’m inside the zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning of the office space, I can assure you, I’m not behind the times in the least. There is plenty of technology that I have to understand and utilize just to do my task. But outside of that zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning, I appreciate simplifying things. And for me that means the less technology, the better. This is honestly an addition by subtraction situation. This is why I don’t have a great deal of TV’s in my household or walk around with a tablet in my face all the time. And this might also be the reason that I was so resistant to getting a replacement to our Heating and Air Conditioning technology. The Heating and Air Conditioning device that we have is wonderful stuff. It does the task and was the unquestionably best in residential Heating and Air Conditioning when I invested in it. But that was just as the smart control unit Heating and Air Conditioning technology was coming out. I opted not to go with this Heating and Air Conditioning technology as I just wasn’t entirely sure about it. Like most tech gadgets, I want to see a few iterations first before I purchase it. So that was my thinking on the smart control device at the time. We went with a normal digital control unit and I figured out how to program the thing. So that made it even that much less of a motivation as it was pretty clear that the smart control unit was Heating and Air Conditioning technology that was here to stay. But I’m here to say that I was totally wrong and I couldn’t be more pleased with the current smart control unit we added this Springtime.


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