This system pays for itself

I live in an area that experiences four very distinct seasons.

  • Weather conditions are often quite extreme.

I rely heavily on both heating and cooling to keep a comfortable home. The cost of temperature control adds up quickly and puts a major strain on the budget. Because of this, I spent a great deal of money on the HVAC system I installed. I needed a system that would provide efficient and effective year round temperature control. I hoped to minimize running costs and recover the investment. I chose a dual fuel system which combines an electric heat pump with a forced air gas furnace. Buying and installing two separate components isn’t as crazy as it sounds. The heat pump takes the place of an air conditioner and provides lower cost cooling. It operates very similarly to a conventional air conditioner. The heat pump extracts heat from the indoor air and uses refrigerant to transfer it outside, to a compressor. This process helps with dehumidification and is extremely efficient. When the outside weather turns cooler, the heat pump is capable of reversing the operation to bring ambient heat indoors. It eliminates the combustion process and handles my home’s heating demands until the outside temperature drops below freezing. At that point, the gas furnace automatically takes over. The furnace is able to handle even the most severe weather. By taking advantage of the most energy efficient means of temperature control at any given time, I save a tremendous amount of money. Plus, the heat pump and furnace divide the heating load, minimizing wear and tear on each system. Each one should last longer and operate more reliably.

Air conditioning technician