Training for a marathon with a fitness expert

A marathon is a long and demanding run that is approximately 26 miles long.

There are several marathons held all over the country as well as across the world. The first marathon was held during the original 1896 Olympics. Approximately 500 marathons are held throughout the year. Training for a marathon is a very involved process. 26 miles is a long distance, whether you are walking, jogging or sprinting. The best marathon times in the world are around 2 hours to complete the 26 miles. When I decided to start training for the local marathon, I was completing the run in just over 5 hours. I knew I needed to do a lot of training and follow a dedicated exercise program if I was going to trim my running time. I consulted with a certified fitness professional, hoping to adapt my training program and improve my speed and stamina for the marathon. The certified fitness professional added some strenuous stretches and exercises to build muscle in my legs, calves, plus ankles. The fitness expert even helped me with my diet, customizing a meal plan that would help with my goal. I have been eating a lot of lean protein and green, leafy vegetables. I have been training one-on-one with the expert and everything is proceeding as planned. My body and my mind are prepared for the challenge. The marathon is still a few months away, but I have managed to trim my time down to 4 hours flat. I do not expect to get within any of the record holders but I hope to finish in 3 and 1/2 hours.


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