Trying to get through a cold snap without heating system

A couple years back, we experienced our first polar vortex.

I didn’t know what to expect until the temperatures dropped to twenty-six degrees below zero and nearly everything froze.

That included my water pipes and the HVAC system. I was left with no water and no heat. Many businesses and government offices were closed due to the serious cold. I learned that various neighbors were in the same position. Their Heating systems weren’t working or were failing to properly heat their homes. With the severe cold outside, we were at a loss as to what to do. I tried calling calling every HVAC contractor in the area. They were all were on call and busy during the span where temperatures were at their lowest. I tried to get by for a few days. I stayed bundled up in layers of clothes and blankets. I had a fire burning in the fireplace and sat near the hearth. Of course, this wasn’t ideal, but I was desperate to get warm. When I started feeling numb in my toes, I decided that it was no longer safe to stay in the house without heat. I went to a friend’s home for a couple of days. Her Heating system was operating well enough and her home stayed comfortably warm. She also had a space heater that added a bit of warmth to the living room. Things were cramped and I felt as if I was seriously inconveniencing her. I decided to try something else. After getting a call back from an HVAC contractor and finding out that the gas furnace would need to be replaced, I knew it would take a few days to get the unit in place. The demand for Heating services at the time was huge. I decided to move in with family a few hours South. I left my home and hoped the gas furnace would get installed as quickly as possible.


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