Vacationing at the beach house

I recently went on trip with my family at this beach beach house about an hour outside of town… All of us live near the coast, however this beach house was literally positioned on the shore! It was a lovely place to be if you’re a naturalist, however if you appreciate your modern conveniences like wireless internet plus satellite TV, it likely isn’t for you.

See, I care about getting away from most modern technology every now plus then as a break for my body plus my mind.

However, I still want a few things to stay – namely, reliable a/c! This beach house, however, did not have that. There were two of these tall cooling towers positioned in the official room of the beach house, which would act as the cooling system for the entire beach house at once. To be fair, the beach beach house wasn’t any greater than this official room plus a few family rooms plus a powder room. However, with several people staying in this little house, these portable a/c systems weren’t going to break it! I had to reach out to the owner of the rental beach house plus ask if there were any fans, or maybe even a window cooling system component that I could install. Fortunately for us, there was a ductless mini-break system installed – it was just hidden behind a false wall! I’ve never seen anything like that before, however the homeowner explained that he didn’t want people to abuse the small a/c component if he could help it. Since I had my family there, he was sympathetic to my needs for correct a/c… Once the ductless mini-break system was running, the air quality was significantly better in the beach house.


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