We had a fight about the temperature control

I didn’t really understand why the temperature control kept going back to the previous settings, as well as it was making me miserable… I even started yelling at my husband about it because I thought that he was behind this.

I thought that he was going behind my back as well as making adjustments after I left for my job, however that really turned out to not be the case in the least.

We really got into an immense fight about the fact that the temperature control settings kept changing up all the time. See, we had installed a digital programmable temperature control in our dwelling just the year before so that we could make sure that our indoor air quality was always on point. We appreciate having the temperature levels in our dwelling at exactly the right settings all of the time to help lower our heating as well as cooling costs. Not only that, however having the temperature control settings right where you want them makes it so you are comfortable in your beach dwelling all the time. Anyway, my husband as well as I were genuinely suspicious of each other because the temperature control settings kept changing regularly. I thought he was doing it, as well as he thought I was doing it, but come to find out, we were both wrong! Our temperature control was really running low on batteries as well as so it was not running the typical schedule because of this. We both felt super sheepish when we learned that this was what had happened, however from that moment moving forward, we have made sure to check the batteries in the temperature control whenever we are checking them in the smoke detectors.


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