We needed it

I gave my boyfriend the responsibility to change the air filters for the Heating & Air Conditioning system.

He knew it was a priority because we were lacking in our air quality.

I would always give him a hard time when I would find that he wasn’t changing the air filters properly. He couldn’t understand why I would get so annoyed even though I would explain how important it was to change the air filters properly. It keeps the Heating & Air Conditioning in good working condition! Not to mention I would tell him that our energy costs would continue to increase if we didn’t continue to do those air filter changes! He argued that his life was very complicated and it was hard to always remember to change out the air filter. With that, I decided to contact the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer to see if they could do something about this problem. They asked me if I would want to sign up for a Heating & Air Conditioning method service plan because it would save me money over the years to come. Saving money was enough of a benefit, but they continued to say that they would be the one who call to remind us about the service appointments. They said that they could even change the air filters during these maintenance visits. I thought this plan was worth it because I’d be saving money and I wouldn’t have to continue to fight with my boyfriend about his forgetfulness with the air filters. I enrolled in the Heating & Air Conditioning method service plan, and the company took care of our Heating & Air Conditioning needs after that! Well worth it.

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