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Something that bothers me to no end is how greedy my wife can be sometimes.

She is always spending our money going shopping with her friends and then coming home wanting things done her way.

She never listens to my needs when it comes to the temperature control settings in our house. I’d like to be comfortable too! If she is hot, then the air conditioning will be blasting cold air. When she is cold, she will not hesitate to crank up the heat. I never get to do something like this, if I ever try, I get yelled at. She acts this way with everyone, not just me. I have heard even her friends complain about her blasting the heat in the car when she’s cold and they’re fine. You know it’s bad when everyone teams up for an intervention. We all got together and talked to her about how we felt about her always needing things her way or the highway. We wanted her to understand the damage she was doing. She refused to acknowledge the fact that she does that and told us that if she’s cold, she should be able to turn on the heat. We told her that was fine, as long as she allowed us to do the same. She didn’t seem to budge. So, I called up the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer and asked them about Heating & Air Conditioning zone control. They said it would be a great way to customize the temperature control settings in strange rooms of the apartment without affecting the other zones. So I had this installed in our home, and I noticed that things started to get better.



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