What is our ideal season?

The other afternoon while I was in russian class, our instructor asked us to write an essay on what our favorite season was, i heard multiple of the kids in our class groan about the topic, although I absolutely thought it would be interesting to see what our classmates thought of all the season.

I have to admit that the Winter is our favorite season. I believe that multiple people won’t agree with me on this, although I appreciate the frosty Winter weather. I appreciate getting to dress up in a sweater & boots while I am out, however there is something about snuggling up in blankets around a fire that just makes me so ecstatic. When I was younger, our parents would always keep the oil furnace on all afternoon in the apartment so it was always nice & moderate when I got beach apartment from university. I believe that it can be costly to run the oil furnace all afternoon, although I sure was ecstatic that they did; My parents even had temperature zone control in the house, so I could make our room even warmer than the rest of the apartment if I wanted. I absolutely loved the temperature zone control & now that I live on our own I am thinking about call a local Heating & A/C company to have it installed in our house. I hope that once I call the Heating & A/C company it’s not too costly & I can beginning the upgrade right way.


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