When will the new AC unit arrive?

The other week our air conditioning unit quit working. We had been babying that AC unit for a couple of years so when it quit working, we weren’t surprised. I was really glad that it chose a mild week to decide to break down instead of a week when we were having a heat wave. We called the HVAC company and told them we were ready to choose a new air conditioning unit for the house. When the HVAC contractor arrived, he measured the entire house and he began to ask questions about our family. I told him I was looking to buy a new air conditioning unit and not giving him information so he could give it to a stalker, or even worse. The HVAC technician laughed and told me that all of the information was used so that he could determine how heavy of an air conditioning unit we needed. He had to find out much of a load we were going to be putting on the AC unit. He also asked us what SEER we wanted. I knew that SEER was the energy rating of an AC unit and my husband told him he wanted it to be at least 17. It was a bit expensive for the new AC unit, but I knew that it was going to last my husband and I for the rest of our time in this house. It has now been almost a week and my oldest son has been asking when we will be getting the new AC unit. He said he wants to have his birthday party after we have good AC.

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