Wife gets a cool job as a middle school principal

I have been a heating and cooling technician for the past 15 years.

I worked for the same heating and cooling company for six years. They treated me with respect, kindness, and decency. Unfortunately, my wife and I moved out of town. She was offered a middle school principal position, but it meant moving out of town. My wife could have commuted every day, but the drive would have been almost 75 minutes each morning. Since we don’t own a home, it seemed easier to move. We found out she got the job last month, and we have been busy every day since then. Between packing and finding a new apartment, I’m tired and ready for a break. Things have been hectic since moving, and we have spent the last few weeks unpacking all of our boxes. I’ve placed a few applications with local heating and cooling companies, but I don’t have any interviews scheduled. Thankfully there are a lot of things to keep me busy at home. My wife had to go to school two weeks early for planning, and that leaves me at home to unpack, clean, and cook. When things slow down and we catch up, I’ll be able to perform a more exhaustive look for a heating and cooling job. Right now, I think it’s good that I am at home during the day. If both of us were working full time right now, the move would have been a lot of headaches and stress. We would also spend a lot more time eating pizza, hamburgers, and chinese take out.

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