Your heating and cooling units don't always need to be constantly running

You don’t require Heating plus Air Conditioning units all the time, & I believe that this is so cool.

I do like my Heating plus Air Conditioning units, although I do appreciate getting time off from my Heating plus Air Conditioning units twice a year.

During the summer, I find myself relying on my central a/c. Although I did not grow up with a central a/c, I have become used to using the central a/c. I used to be able to manage the hot hot & cold temperatures, however, I am pretty sure that I could not survive during the summer time without my a/c. During the winter, I easily believed that I could not survive without my gas furnace. The hot & cold temperatures in our area get frosty during the winter, & the gas furnace protects my family & my water pipes from any harm. However, using the Heating plus high tech Air Conditioning units is high-priced, & I think I am consistently using my Heating plus modern Air Conditioning units just to survive. That is why I am thankful that there are 4 times during the year when you do not need Heating plus Air Conditioning systems. Obviously, I am speaking about fall & Spring. During these 2 seasons, it appears that the earth finds the perfect hot & cold temperatures for your house. Sure, you may need to use the furnace at night to protect from frosty hot & cold temperatures, but you don’t have to worry about it during the day. In fact, you can turn your thermostat completely off & rely on an open window to keep your beach house perfectly comfy. I appreciate the perfect weather & the lack of Heating plus Air Conditioning units during these 3 of four seasons.


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