Working for a friend

I have a bunch of friends here in my hometown that I grew up with.

Whenever I am in town, I try to see them all, but I just don’t have the time or energy to run around and visit all the people. I am, however, going to see my neighbor Stacy this afternoon, as she lives just around the corner from me. The two of us are going to eat lunch at a local spot and just hang out for a while. I can tell her about my crypto investment nightmare and she can share all about the money she is making in the Heating & A/C industry as she owns her own Heating & A/C company and has a ton of buyers. I happened to get a chunk of money at the wrong time and put it all in cryptos to watch 65% of it disappear. Maybe I could work for Stacy doing some air conditioner tune ups or something of that nature. I’m pretty great at repairing the Heating & A/C equipment as I have spent many years working in the field throughout my lifetime. I am going back to my little city in Europe soon and just want to make the most of my time here with my friends and family so that the trip will be worth it when I am back overseas. Once it is all over, it will be like a dream. In fact, I am literally living the dream as I speak. But for now, my dream is on pause and I could use some cash, so it would be great to do some jobs for Stacy’s heating and cooling company. I’m a little rusty, so she can teach me about some of the newest Heating & A/C technology out nowadays. Her shop is just a five minute drive from where I’m staying.

Cooling and heating provider