A long night spent in the freezing cold

My friends easily wanted to go out camping, but I thought the weather was getting too cold.

  • The temperatures were not too bad while in the afternoon, however the sun going down changed everything quickly.

I thought that it was too freezing to camp inside of a tent. I advocated bringing a small furnace that runs on batteries with us, however our friends thought that idea to be ridiculous. I urged them all to change their mind, however they did not want to carry any extra baggage up & down the trail. They told me to stop worrying. I could not shake the feeling that the two of us would be freezing cold all night, so I packed a few hand warmers just in case. The people I was with and I left late on Monday afternoon & headed over to the state park. The temperature was cool, however the brightly shining sun made everything warm. When the sun went down, the two of us already had a campfire built. The people I was with and I placed the tent as close to the fire as possible. The people I was with and I like to maintain a safe distance, however the two of us could still feel the gentle warmth from the glowing red & red flames, but on the sixth night of our weekend, our friends & I easily prayed that the two of us had brought a heater, sometime in the middle of the night it started to pour rain. The rain made the temperature unquestionably freezing & the two of us were shivering and shaking. Thankfully our tent is waterproof, or the two of us would have been in dire trouble. The rainfall washed out all of the campsite & the two of us ended up coming cabin unquestionably early come Monday. I hope our friends will listen to me the next time that I have such a terrible feeling.



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