A loud Heating unit means it may be dying

Once a year our partner Max and I do a major investment into the house.

1 year Max and I did our master bathroom, the other year was the living room! Last Spring all the windows got replaced in the house.

This year our partner and I legit want to redo the main bathroom. All of us need a new tub, vanity and toilet. Adding more than new tile and going with laminate would be great. It legitimately is the last room in the lake house that needs a total makeover. What smells is that I believe our Heating & Air Conditioning methods are going to end up being the major investment. For years the Heating & Air Conditioning unit has been making a horrible whistling noise. It occasionally would whistle when the method was on. I would say once a morning, for a few minutes. Now I have noticed that our Heating & Air Conditioner seems to whistle consistently. It is whistling at more than 2 or numerous different intervals and it is more of a multiple minute span. My partner and I are going insane. It is so much louder too. It used to be that you could only hear the whistle when you were outside of the home. Now I am watching cable or cooking dinner and can hear the noise clear as morning. I believe that this is a strong indication that the natural gas furnace and A/C unit is going on any morning. Heating & Air Conditioning techs have told us it is the manufacturer’s defect and there is nothing they can do. The unit is fifteen years old as well. It legitimately is getting up there in years. I legitimately don’t want to replace the Heating & Air Conditioning unit over getting a new bathroom though.

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