Air purification for my children in the classroom at home

My kids are my number one priority in any circumstance.

I have done anything and everything that I can to ensure that they have gotten the best education possible, so I have more than two children at home and some in college now! I have decided to homeschool the ones at home this past year, simply because of all the traveling that comes with my husband’s job.

They will be returning to their private schools in the coming year, but this was a great experience for them and for me to be able to homeschool and have some fun with my kids! My children learned far more effectively, and I felt far less worried about their safety – so I had a lot more fun! We all set up classrooms wherever we lived, and sometimes that wasn’t the cleanest or easiest place to teach! Once we were in a classroom that was dirty and smelled pretty musty too. My child kept having a stuffy nose and would sneeze often, and that was any time that the people I was with and I stayed in that classroom for more than a few hours! I decided that I should commit and purchase an air cleaner. It was not easy finding an air cleaner in that country, but eventually I found one! I was so happy to find an air purification system for my son and the other kids being homeschooled, as they also showed their appreciation for the improved air quality in the classroom. We taught the kids far more information than before, and we felt much better about their health thanks to the improved air quality by the air cleaning system.



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