Bees nest in a light pole in front of office building

I am the director of a marketing corporation and purchased an office building for our headquarters.

  • The building is modern, mostly glass and situated right in the middle of the city.

I an thrilled with it, except for 1 issue. For some reason, bees are constantly building a nest inside the glass globe on the light pole right by the front entrance. Several times per the year, my staff contacts me and complaints that they can’t access the building. The light is quite high. I am forced to setup a ladder in order to spray the globe with bee spray. Also, the bees fly out of the light and are extremely irritated. I don’t want to be their target. I now have a solution that always works. I have a bee service’s number programmed into my phone phone. I’ve called so often, I am on a first name basis with the receptionist, company owner and leed bee removal contractor. I call them whenever the bees show up again. The bee removal and relocation service is very prompt. They typically arrive in under an hour. They a lift that puts a guy right up near the light, where can he sprays the fixture. He has a hose-like piece of equipment he then uses to vacuum up the bees. They are contained in a bag so they can be transferred to a honey farm. After the process is complete, the same guy cleans around the glove of light to remove debris from the nest. They do a fantastic wonderful job.

Honey hive