Condo in the city with no AC

My pa built a little condo in town when he was a young man.

Even though it was outdated plus weathered, it had survived decades worth of storms and rain showers.

The condo was roomy plus able to sit there each year. Every Summer as a kid, my family used to pack up and go to the condo for a couple of weeks. I always enjoyed it and loved the town. Spending all day lounging in the city center, or going in the shops. This never got old for me. The condo is still there, as sturdy as it can ever be… Last summer I decided to take our family there. It was the first time I realized the condo didn’t have any air cooling. This made total sense, seeing as how old it was it didn’t even have air ducts or any kind of ventilation system. The condo was just a bare-bones situation. When I was young I was so busy having a good time I never thought about the lack of temperature control in the arena. As an older man, I do notice it. My teenagers did too and they entirely threw a tantrum that there wasn’t any A/C in the cabin. I bought a window A/C component in town for the teenagers. I felt sad that the component hide the view of the city center and the honestly cool tile outdoors. I also yelled at the teenagers for thinking that staying inside in A/C was better than enjoying the city.


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