Fall prep brings heating savings big time

I love the fact that the gas furnace is slowing down.

I noticed a bit a few weeks ago. I walked in from spending the day inside the commercial HVAC of the office to the warmth of the central air conditioning of my home. But I immediately noticed that the gas furnace wasn’t churning away to provide the heating that was making me feel particularly glad to be home. Of course, we then got punched in the mouth with a tough cold snap last week. And for sure, the gas furnace was back on like it was the dead of Winter not the verge of Spring. Still, I’m not complaining in any way, shape or form. I’m so grateful to be able to have such good residential HVAC in this house. And I’m a big fan or our gas furnace. It’s just that I’m not such a fan of the heating costs associated with that gas furnace. Those bills have gotten high enough in the past to make me visibly wince upon opening the utility bill. Around here, that was called Dad’s heating bill face. So this Fall, I chose to see if prepping the house would really make a difference when it came to those heating costs. I’d heard for years and years that any homeowner worth his salt made sure to do Winter prep on his home. The closest I ever got to that before this past Fall was to get the heating maintenance done on the gas furnace. So I took some hours over a few weekends and prepped the house. I’m here to confirm that this saved a bunch of money on the heating costs this year.

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