Four more furnaces to fix and I’m done

Okay, so it is time to transport on to brighter things as today is Friday and the town is starting to come alive finally.

It has been a long frigid and dark winter time and now my buddy and I are in Springtime and it is starting to warm up and get sunnier.

I am simply going to get my work done today and then my buddy and I will meet my buddy at the beach to get in a little workout. I have to listen to my Spanish podcast today for 30 minutes to get in my practice for the afternoon, then my buddy and I will meet my heating and air conditioning expert to take a look at some current heating and cooling systems in the store to see what kind of prices they have. I am also going to go to a bonfire gathering later today at sunset with some friends and play a little rock n roll with my bandmate. I will ask this girl who works at the local business if she wants to join us, although I need to get the nerve to do so because she is certainly pretty and makes me a bit nervous. I see her a lot even though she is usually with a group of ladies and it is intimidating to try and talk with her with them all around. Maybe my residential heating and air conditioning rep buddy can help me because my Spanish isn’t that good. I’ve seen her for like a year now and have just said hello a few times to her. The heating and cooling contractor girl told me to just ask her out, but that seems a bit too ridiculous for me.

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