Getting rid of the window AC units

I remember when all we had was window air conditioning units.

I’m not talking about everyone, but my husband and I.

Up until last year, we only had window AC units. They were working well and we didn’t feel it was a necessity to have central air conditioning. We still wouldn’t have central air conditioning if our air conditioner hadn’t quit working. We really considered just getting a new window AC unit. It had always worked well for cooling our home. We had bought a really good unit when we bought this one. The AC unit ran efficiently and it cooled our home well. After nearly twenty years of working well, we had to retire it and buy a new AC system. The price to replace our old AC unit was really high. The other problem was that we were also aging over those twenty years. Every year, it was getting harder to put the AC unit into the window and to take it out of the window in the fall. Neither of us were lifting the unit as easily and we didn’t want to bother our family to get their help. We had some old ductwork in the house. When we put in the boiler heater, we hadn’t removed the ductwork from the old furnace. We knew it would have to be inspected and cleaned. When the HVAC professional ductwork cleaners came out, they told us the ductwork was in great shape, and they cleaned and sanitized it. That’s when we decided to just go with central air conditioning and not need to worry about moving it every spring and fall.
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