House has a rock wall and yoga studio

When I purchased my home I knew there were a lot of unusual features. I believe that the owner before me must have been dedicated to wellness and fitness. One of the walls in the home has been transformed into a rock wall. I also have a second set of stairs in the house that are unnecessary. The back deck on the house features random hooks and holes in it that I believe she used to hang up her fitness gear. The backyard shed was definitely set up as a yoga studio at one point. There are thin mats installed overtop of the cement floor. The whole shed is insulated and temperature controlled by a ductless mini split. On one hand that is really nice. I really appreciate having a heated and cooled facility. On the other hand, I am not into fitness or exercise. My style of workout is walking to a nearby restaurant or casually swimming some laps in a pool. The yoga studio doesn’t serve any purpose for me. I am planning to clear out the site so that I can organize my tools and have a space for my woodworking hobby. It seems a waste to totally rip out the gym set up. The inside of the house is also going to need some renovations as well. I don’t want a rock wall situated in my home. The backyard deck is going to be repaired. I don’t want to trip over the random hooks or live with all of the holes. I wonder if the owner prior to myself was a personal trainer. After I fix up my house, I will feel a bit lazy because I’ll have eliminated all features pertaining to exercise. I am getting rid of all the fitness and healthy accessories in my home to make it easier to relax. I am slightly ashamed by this.

Yoga studio