HVAC can provide immune strengthening indoor air quality

The older I become, the more it seems to take to keep me going.

It’s not that I have expensive tastes or anything like that.

In fact, I live a very simple life and prefer it that way. However, it seems like the days of coming home to just soak up the HVAC and chill out are much more rare than they once were. That has a lot to do with getting older it appears. I find that I have to do all this stuff for my health. I don’t like doctors so, I avoid them like the plague. But, there are times when a status report is needed on everything. A few years ago, the results of my physical were not so great. I was overweight, blood pressure issues and cholesterol problems. That was the highlights. There was plenty of other stuff in there that wasn’t so good either. My wife just sat me down one evening not too long after that doctors visit and got real with me. Whenever this happens in my life, I always take note. My wife is my partner and loves me unconditionally. It was time to get right with my health. Along with all the new eating habits and exercise came less time to just hang out in the HVAC and watch TV. Then I learned the indoor air was key to my overall and immune health. That meant a few changes for the HVAC. The old, cheap, paper HVAC air filters had to go. In their place, I started using a HEPA type HVAC air filter that removes over 99 percent of airborne contaminants.


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