I considered that option

People are actually spoiled these weeks.  Most anything you want can be found locally, ordered right online, or manufactured.  The two of us also have the ability to flip a simple switch or push a button to have things just happen when it comes to our home appliances.  Can you imagine if both of us no longer had electricity. Our lights, appliances, plus personal PCs would no longer work. You couldn’t go to the local grocery store because of course the registers wouldn’t work.  You couldn’t pump gas in your vehicle as the gas pumps run on electric. The world would come to a stop rather quickly. Now stop and imagine that it is the middle of Winter time plus your power is suddenly out. How may this affect your day?  Your house, if heated with a normal electric furnace or boiler, would cool off quickly. Your freezer, over a short period of time, would defrost, plus your stove won’t task either. How would you get by? Now, really consider that you have solar panels installed on your roof.  This alternative source of home power will allow all of those things to still operate even while both of us are trapped in a power outage. Thankfully, in most cases, the power does not stay off super long term however if it did you should have a idea in place to properly ensure your safety.  If you are not in a position to use solar energy you should at the very least have a wood stove or fireplace for warmth. These can both be used effectively for cooking if it came down to it as well just as they were in years past well before almost everyone had electricity.