I end up as an air conditioner worker with a new job placement agency

I dread job hunting, and I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to get a permanent job.

  • Since I finished college 2 years ago, the longest I have worked is 6 months.

That was an assistant position where I stood in for an employee who had a work accident so he couldn’t work for a while. Once he was back, I lost that position. But I did manage to have a conversation with him, and that is what gave me the job I have now as an ac rep. He spoke about a job placement agency that specializes in recruiting for the heating and cooling industry. He started as a cooling representative and now he can do a/c setup, cooling install, heating repair, install new air conditioning, and perform quality ac service. The company promotes diversity so every employee is encouraged to learn something else. I wasted no time visiting the agency but it did take another two months before I got a matching placement. Unlike my previous job, here I had to specialize so I was presented with choices when I joined to make it easy for me to fit in. My first choice was to handle air purification help cases for clients, the second one was to be the company’s field representative of heater for sale. The third choice, air conditioner worker, is what I picked. As much as I wasn’t familiar with heating technology, I figured I’ll learn with time and eventually master how the electric heating system operates because, without such knowledge, I’d not understand what quality heating is. For now, I enjoy working with ductless HVAC while slowly learning about the components of a heating device.

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