I Had Dirty Condenser Coils

I had no idea that I had to take care of the outside condenser unit.

Even though I hired an HVAC professional twice per year and changed out my air filters regularly, I still knew nothing about the outside unit. I knew where it was and what it did, but I didn’t think I had to do anything with it. None of the HVAC professionals I hired ever mentioned it, so I never thought twice about it. It wasn’t until my outside condenser unit started creating warm air instead of cool air, that I realized something was off. I hired a different HVAC professional about the lukewarm air, and he asked me where my outside unit was located. I showed it to him out back, and he went to take a look. After spending 15 minutes outside, he came back to tell me that the condenser coils were dirty. All the warm air that was being removed was passing through the condenser unit, causing dirt and debri to build up on the coils. So much had accumulated on the coils that my AC unit was working twice as hard to cool my home. This is why there was still air coming through my air vents, but it was all lukewarm. It also explained why my AC system sounded like it was constantly running. The HVAC professional cleaned off the condenser coils and told me that the air would get cooler in about 30 minutes. To avoid the problem happening again, he told me that I should be washing it at least twice per year.

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