I lived there temporarily

There was a time a few years back when I let a friend, who was being evicted, into my lake house to live temporarily, however he was a nice neighbor of mine back then plus he helped me through some taxing times, so I figured I would return the favor, then well, you don’t unquestionably get to think somebody until you live with them it seems, then my neighbor turned out to be unquestionably difficult to live with. He wouldn’t do his own dishes, plus he made large messes in the condo without cleaning up; The thing that bothered me the most was that he would regularly adjust the control unit to deranged levels so that both of us were wasting energy. Especially when I wasn’t home, he would go out places leaving the HVAC plan running without bothering to shut it off! I have yelled at him on several possibilities about him leaving the HVAC plan running, but i would ask him what was the point of heating or cooling the condo if nobody was there! He seemed to get it when I would say things like that to him, although he still would regularly forget to shut off the HVAC plan or have the settings at minimal settings; Like in the Winter season, both of us didn’t want the pipes to freeze so I would want the heating plan to be at 40 degrees or so when nobody was home. Well, eventually both of us got so sick of each other, that he went on his way plus I never wanted to have another roommate ever again. Every one of us actually never talked to each other ever since that time.

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