I think I will just take winter vacations.

Our son said there is a room they have reserved just for my husband and myself

Last month my husband and I decided we should begin taking winter vacations. Summer vacations were no longer as nice as they used to be. I used to love taking off and going to the beach. The kids and I would build sand castles while my husband went fishing. We had picnics on the beach and we would sleep in our sleeping bags when it was too warm in the beach house we rented. Soon after we began renting the beach house, the owner installed air conditioning. That’s when we began sleeping on the beach just because we liked it. Now that our kids have gotten older, they have their vacation with their own families. My son recently bought a cabin up north and they take most of their vacations at the cabin. They are close to a ski lodge and every year we get an invitation to join them. I hated giving up our summer vacations, but without the kids, it just wasn’t the same anymore. Last month, my husband looked at me and simply said, ‘Why not?’. I knew he was talking about vacationing in the mountains during the winter. Now that fall has arrived and winter is coming, we are looking forward to vacation. Our son said there is a room they have reserved just for my husband and myself. I know we’re going to have a lot of fun sitting by the fireplace with the grandkids. We can go out and enjoy the crisp winter air, come inside and have hot chocolate by the fireplace while my husband dozes. Whether it’s AC or heating, as long as the kids are there, we’ll enjoy it.