I was okay with the heater

I never thought I would say this, but my brother really shot himself in the foot when we went out and learned a specialized trade instead of going to a regular four year college. Here he is, all full of specific information and experience, getting hired all across the country. It was a terrible mistake, really. Why would this ever be a bad thing, you wonder? Because my soul-sucking grandmother has her fingers wrapped tight around my poor brother’s neck at this point. She and her HVAC system have seen more of my brother than his own girlfriend has in recent months, and I don’t see this changing anytime soon. My grandma always had a trusty old boiler system. For 50 years she used the same old central heating device, and it worked just fine for the entire family. As soon as my brother becomes a heating and cooling technician, suddenly she needs a forced air furnace out of the blue. My brother installs the forced air furnace and within a few months she has heard about radiant heated flooring for the first time. My brother drops everything and replaces the old boiler system. Now hot water runs under the floor boards and my grandma has warm, cozy floors all year long. It was a matter of weeks before she said she just couldn’t sleep at night and missed the sound of the forced air furnace. She wanted some sort of air flow to run in the background and create a gentle breeze. My brother goes over and installs an air purification system to run through her air ducts… you can see where this is going. Back to grandma’s house, with all the equipment to tear out her pesky, loud air ducts.

new heater