Living in the US on and off

I’ve been in the states for about 6 weeks now.

  • However, in another 6 weeks, I’ll hop on a plane and fly back to England, where I have been living for the last decade.

Then, I’m living over there for about six months before I intend to come back here to the USA for another 3 months. I plan on following this schedule for the next few years, if I can pull it off, so that I can spend more time with my friends and family. Prior to this return home, I have not been to the US in a few years, and I have not had the chance to see my family much. In fact, I actually lost my grandfather this last year. Because I was abroad, I missed the opportunity to say goodbye to him. It was a wake up call that made me prioritize spending more time in the US from this point on. It’s hard to believe that I won’t get to see him. My dad plans to help me out financially so that I can pay for these trips. Of course, I have to work for that financial help. My dad owns a Heating and Cooling company. He raised me to know the basics about heating and cooling repair. He’s agreed to give me the opportunity to work for his HVAC company when I am home for extended periods of time. This job will allow me to be flexible, but still make money while I’m in the US. That money will do wonders when it comes to funding the flights I’ll be taking every few months over the Atlantic.

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