Most repairs on window A/C units are simple

It was the easiest repair that didn’t require any specialty tools

Central AC units are preferred by many homeowners, but there are a few reasons that some still prefer a window AC unit. Window AC units can be easily stored for the winter and they don’t take up much room. They also have repairs that are much easier to complete and do not require the help of a licensed or certified HVAC professional. When the window AC unit is not working properly, it’s easy to figure out how to fix the issue. If the air flow is lacking, check the intake and interior vents. They might be obstructed in some way by the furniture, electronics, or debris. This is a problem that occurred when my wife and I didn’t have much cold air coming from the window AC unit. We were worried that it was time to replace the old machine. I looked at some online web forums discussing window A/C maintenance and troubleshooting. I realized that it was time to clean the evaporator coils. I followed the step by step directions online and I carefully cleaned the fins of the evaporator coils. I spent an hour on the project, but it really increased the air flow and fixed the problem. It was the easiest repair that didn’t require any specialty tools. Simple repairs like this are the main reason why my wife and I still have window A/C units in our home instead of upgraded and expensive central HVAC equipment. With two warm months during the summer, there’s no reason to spend that money on fancy equipment that increases the electric bill.


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