My sister is getting married

My sister met her fiance in college. They were both studying business economics in Alabama. My sister responded to a personal ad in the college paper. The ad was from a dorky guy with glasses, freckles, and half a mustache. My sister fell in love with that guy, and they got engaged last month. My sister called to tell me all about the engagement. I was surprised, when she said they wanted to get married in our home state. I assumed they would get married in Alabama, because that’s where they go to school. My sister’s boyfriend is from Alabama as well, so that made sense. Instead, my sister wanted to come home to Tampa, Florida to get married. I was surprised and elated, because I knew it would be difficult for my mom to make the long drive. My sister wants me to be her wedding liaison. She is trying to make some wedding plans, but it is difficult, because she is not in Tampa, Florida right now. This week, I am visiting six different florists in Tampa, Florida. After that, I am going to take pictures of several churches in our Tampa neighborhood. There are so many places that my sister could get married, and a number of them would be beautiful. I’m happy to help my sister plana Tampa, Florida wedding. We will have a lot of hard work, but I think it will be fun. She is hoping for a winter ceremony, and I think we could make that happen. Winter in Tampa, florida is a spectacular sight for a wedding. The whole town is filled with lights and Christmas cheer.

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